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Hydrogen Project Map of Europe [INTERACTIVE]

ENTSOG’s EU-wide, open-source, comprehensive database for Hydrogen Projects intends to provide a comprehensive overview of current hydrogen projects along the whole value chain – from production, via transmission and distribution to end-use. It shows where the first hydrogen valleys could emerge and how they can be connected via retrofitted and repurposed pipelines based on planned and ongoing hydrogen projects collected. The visualisation platform also indicates the growth of hydrogen capacities on production, transmission and distribution and end use. 

Figure 1 – ENSTOG hydrogen project input summary

Users of the platform can filter projects under country, type of project, a project’s maturity and start date. Once the user has found a project of interest, they can instantly learn about it in the summarised project scope or click a link to go in depth on the project website. 

The data behind the platform is based on sources publicly available on a best effort basis and based on project status at that time. There are only 2 projects announced on the Island of Ireland (owned by Energia and EIH2), however, given the progress of the hydrogen industry in Ireland we see this number increasing significantly over the coming decade. 


Source: ENSTOG – Hydrogen project visualisation platform – ENTSOG


Simon Leonard, Head of Business Development and Power Procurement

Simon holds a Masters in Energy Systems Engineering with a focus on the Irish Green Hydrogen Economy and has worked on the commercialisation of green hydrogen in both ESB, Irelands biggest energy company and EIH2, Ireland first dedicated green hydrogen company. 

Simon’s role at EIH2 sees him explore the business case for hydrogen with companies who are transitioning away from fossil fuels and also partnering with renewable developers for electricity supply to EIH2 sites. Reach out to Simon today if you want to learn more about the green hydrogen opportunity. 

About EIH2

EIH2 have assembled some of the most experienced and competent professionals in the Irish hydrogen sector. Our interdisciplinary team is here to facilitate the emerging hydrogen industry and assist ‘hard-to-decarbonise’ sectors in Ireland to achieve their emissions targets.

EIH2 is the only dedicated hydrogen developer in Ireland, therefore, the team understand the unique challenges faced in project development. The time for hydrogen is now, as signaled by the launch of REPowerEU and EIH2 are helping companies to unlock the decarbonising potential of green hydrogen. Reach out today to learn more.

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