EI-H2 announces the appointment of Tom Lynch as CEO

EI-H2 has announced the appointment of Tom Lynch as CEO. Mr Lynch has an extensive track record in the energy sector both in Ireland and overseas.

He founded Cork-based Energy Services in the nineties and has vast experience in leading and developing renewable energy and associated infrastructure projects in many parts of the

Tom’s recent role as a senior power sector management consultant and electrical engineer, with more than 25 years of experience in executive roles in transmission, power and energy consultancy, brought him to a number of countries in Asia, Europe and Middle East. He has extensive experience in leading international; teams energy infrastructure operations and strategy for government, utilities, development banking and private sector stakeholders, and has also developed power sector master plans for utilities and governments in countries such as Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Iraq and UAE.

He has spent the last 15 years advising power companies and the development banking sector on major projects in Central and South-East Asia and Middle East. During the last seven years as chief advisor to DEWA (Dubai Government), he helped deliver the world’s largest solar PV installation, a 5000 MW facility in the desert south of Dubai, in addition to advising the team for the first Green Hydrogen electrolysis plant in MENA, with Siemens, which went operational in 2020.

EI-H2 recently announced plans for Ireland’s first Green Hydrogen project, a 50 MW €130M facility in Aghada, County Cork. In addition, the company along with Zenith Energy also announced plans recently for a joint venture to develop a 3.2 gigawatt (GW) green energy facility at Bantry Bay to produce green hydrogen and green ammonia. This installation once completed will be one of the largest 10 green hydrogen facilities in the world, and will cost in excess of €5BN to develop.

Mr Lynch said: “I am very excited to be joining the EI-H2 team and working on ensuring Ireland is a leader in green hydrogen production. We believe that the use of green hydrogen can present Ireland with a realistic and simple way of decarbonising and meeting our Net Zero targets in a meaningful way, and will form a key part of the energy transition. It will enable high penetrations of renewable energy into the system in order to meet Ireland’s climate change commitments and will improve our national security of supply in the gas and electricity sectors. We look forward to engaging with all relevant authorities and individuals as we plan a greener future for these strategically important sites..”

Founder of EI-H2 Pearse Flynn said: “I’m delighted to announce Tom Lynch as CEO of EI-H2. Tom is the ideal person to lead a very ambitious and multi-faceted project, driving EI-H2 and Ireland to the forefront of the green energy market.”



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