Cork and Germany explore opportunities on green hydrogen

Cork green hydrogen firm, EIH2 has welcomed the German Ambassador to their headquarters to discuss potential opportunities. 

German Ambassador, Cord Meier-Klodt, and Ralf Lissek, CEO of the German-Irish Chamber of Industry and Commerce, paid a visit to EIH2 on Wednesday.  They met with the EIH2 team including CEO Tom Lynch, COO Catherine Sheridan and Project Support Engineer, Jack Reardon.

German Ambassador Cord Meier-Klodt said: “Ireland and Germany share an outstanding diplomatic and economic relationship that is once again reflected here, in the mutual support established for a Hydrogen Economy. Germany is one of Ireland’s largest trading partners and in the light of the current energy crisis, our two countries recognise the critical need of stronger cooperation to ensure energy independence for the EU”. 

CEO of EIH2 Tom Lynch referred to the official visit: “All of us at EIH2 have been following with interest the excellent work on hydrogen in Germany and we are delighted to welcome this chance for Ireland and Germany to collaborate on helping Europe achieving Net Zero 2050.

“There are a number of significant Irish hydrogen projects already in planning and due to the vast natural resources that Ireland has, there is an opportunity and capability to create an export industry to support the demand for Green Hydrogen in Germany.”

EIH2 was recently part of the first meeting of the German – Irish Hydrogen Council where many hydrogen stakeholders came together to create closer relationships in the field of green hydrogen between Germany and Ireland.

Ralf Lissek, CEO of the German-Irish Chamber addressed to this collaboration by saying: “I am pleased to join the German Ambassador to pay this visit to EIH2, one of the founding members of the German-Irish Hydrogen Council, whose shared values and efforts in the energy sector support the development of strategic projects that today have been discussed.

“Through this partnership we deliver a solid focus on green hydrogen and foresee the environmental and economic benefits that it will bring to Germany and Ireland, thus contributing to the EU long-term objective of achieving climate-neutrality by 2050”. 

The meeting addressed EIH2’s portfolio of projects such as the 4.2GW Green Energy Facility – partnering with Whiddy Island owners Zenith Energy and additional projects that are in development and green hydrogen routes to market.

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