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EIH2's Consultancy Services

EIH2 supports organisations to better understand green hydrogen and plan for, as well as invest wisely, in this exciting solution to deliver on net zero targets.

We provide comprehensive and independent guidance through the completion of hydrogen technology feasibility studies for our clients. We are trusted by industry leaders and governments and have already helped clients with understanding the current and future market, emerging hydrogen-based technologies and overall integration into their business operations. 

Our in-house experts span across the areas of energy, transport and sustainability, combined with expertise in engineering and experience of supporting with strategy and policy development.

Feasibility Study Scope

Levelised Cost of Hydrogen

Provide a site specific LCOH (Levelised Cost of Hydrogen) using our proprietary python based software.


EIH2 develops the techno-economic inputs to the model in collaboration with our clients so that we can account for all site specific requirements. 

Financial Model

Our in house experts will conduct financial modelling to provide our customers with essential investment metrics.


As a result of EIH2's experience we utilise best in class data from our OEM database, our experienced estimate of project development, construction and operational costs and industry leading energy market forecast data.  

Funding & Policy

Advisory on funding mechanisms and application processes for your specific hydrogen project on a National and European scale along with information on policy developments that could support/impact your project.

Project Schedule

Experienced estimate of timelines for overall development of the project along with capital and resources required.

EIH2 will optimise the development process for multiple phases based on our experience in hydrogen development in Ireland so you can achieve your net zero targets on time. 

Technology Assessment

EIH2 remains up to date with all technological advancements within the sector and regularly updates its knowledge base of Hydrogen technologies.


Through project experience EIH2 has built relationships with OEM’s and will select the most appropriate technologies for your site based on your specific needs.

Operational Optimisation

Optimisation is the key achieving project commercialisation. 


EIH2’s proprietary hydrogen optimization model inputs wind and solar forecasts, market data and site demand profiles to find the optimal electrolyser size and storage capacities for your site.

Consultancy Funding Opportunities

EIH2 are taking a leading role in developing national funding mechanisms and supports to help build and stimulate Ireland’s hydrogen economy.

Enterprise Ireland have recognised the importance of hydrogen as a critical  technology for decarbonising large energy users in Ireland by including EIH2’s Consultancy Services in their Directory of Green Service Providers. Currently EIH2 are the only green hydrogen experts within Enterprise Ireland’s Green Services Directory. 


Hydrogen Solutions

Hydrogen for Heat

Existing natural gas boilers can be upgraded to run on 0 – 100% hydrogen. Additionally, Hydrogen boilers are now commercially available following demand from manufacturing plants in the EU. 

Hydrogen for Transport

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV’s) are ideal for long distance and heavy duty applications. Where fleet logisitics are centralised, hydrogen refueling infrastructure can be situtated onsite resulting in cost savings plus security of supply. 

Hydrogen for Power

Hydrogen is seen as the only replacement to large scale dispatchable power generation which has been fueled by dirty fossil fuels for decades. Additionally, hydrogen fuel cells can be used to provide off grid power solutions. 

EIH2's Hydrogen Strategy

Ireland Hydrogen Strategy Consultation

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