Driving Ireland's green hydrogen future

We're combining global knowledge to facilitate local change and switch on to sustainable energy sources.


Developing green hydrogen in Ireland

EIH2 is the first Irish green hydrogen company, dedicated to developing the country’s green hydrogen production and distribution capabilities.

 Green hydrogen is used as a fuel, with zero emissions, for heavy industry and transport and will play a major role in helping humanity create a carbon-neutral world.

By tapping into its natural resources Ireland will become a major exporter of green hydrogen, creating a vibrant new industry sector for the country.


Helping to build a green energy future

Empowering Ireland with a clean, independent energy future

EIH2 will become a key enabler of Ireland’s transition to a clean, independent energy future. As Ireland’s first green hydrogen company we are working hard to kick-start and grow Ireland’s hydrogen economy.


Ireland’s largest green hydrogen facility.


A 3.4 GW plant to produce 1.7 million tonnes of clean, green hydrogen / ammonia annually by 2030.


Zero carbon energy, to replace 1.8 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually by offsetting natural gas usage.

1k jobs

Creating 1,100 jobs during the construction of the plant.

Harness the wind

Developing Ireland’s green hydrogen production and distribution capabilities

Our offshore wind potential will drive Ireland’s green hydrogen capabilities. We can harness the power of extra electricity to power a process called electrolysis which separates the hydrogen found in ordinary water to produce a clean, green fuel, a key component of our future energy system.


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Cork engineering students nabs top award and job thanks to innovative thesis

His thesis made a considerable impression on EIH2’s founder Pearse Flynn, CEO Tom Lynch, and COO Catherine Sheridan who offered Jack a position on the team as a Project Support Engineer Corkonian Jack…

Cork engineering students nabs top award and job thanks to innovative thesis


Catherine Sheridan, EIH2’s Chief Operating Officer, honoured globally as one of the top women in hydrogen


EIH2 founder, Pearse Flynn, presents at EBAN Cork Conference


Flynn group of companies moves headquarters to Penrose Dock


Green Hydrogen

A key component of Ireland’s green energy future

EIH2, an Irish company, led by environmental advocate and entrepreneur, Pearse Flynn, is playing a lead role in the development of Ireland’s green hydrogen production and distribution capabilities.

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